Entrepreneurial momentum

Founded in 2008 by Managing Director Stefan H. Mühling and Kurt Zech as the principal shareholder of ZECH Group, die developer quickly became a key player in the real estate sector. With icons such as the KÖ-BOGEN, planned by Daniel Libeskind, or the HORIZON and ECLIPSE flagship projects, as well as the URBAN SOUL development in Bonn, die developer were the talk of the town, not just among the experts in the field. They focus on developing commercial properties in the area of office and retail space, from the concept to the production – with new buildings as well as revitalisation projects.

In geographical terms, the company is concentrating on urban spaces in North Rhine-Westphalia and in greater Berlin. It’s a success story that has resulted in investment volumes of over 2.5 billion to date. This is constantly being updated thanks to our trusting cooperation with cities, architects, agents, users, banks, developers and investors.

Crew of Success

Each individual contributes with their unique skills and personality to the success of die developer. But it’s only when they work together that forces are set free that transcend the sum of their individual potential. This creates the dynamic that is typical of die developer: getting on with the job, no matter how large the challenge may appear at the outset.


Principal shareholder: Deutsche Immobilien Holding AG (DIH), a part of ZECH Group SE in Bremen, is active as a German-wide property company with a successful investment model and as an equity partner in the business areas of project development, sales, property management and the conception and positioning of capital investment products.

SHM holding company: Stefan H. Mühling is the shareholder and, together with Christian Lueg, the Managing Director of die developer Projektentwicklung GmbH. Mr. Mühling founded the company together with DIH on 1st April, 2008.

With ZECH Group, die developer combines financial investments, the interaction between specialists and generalists, and a unique team spirit that extends far beyond the confines of the company.

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